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I love to act | that’s creativity | acting isn’t about reading the lines and enact them. It is about living the character for that stipulated time until I do justice to it.

Laugh | Cry | Anger | Anguish | Love | Lust | Hurt | Pain | are the emotions that needs to be mastered and understood when we learn about the character.

“KHWAAB” is a poetic piece written and conceptualised by me. It displays the hurt and pain she goes through when she misses her love in her life she had.

Released on December 6th 2019

Ad Film for AMRI Hospital, Kolkata by Arindam Sil

Matrirupen : Being a Mother

Film by Abhijit Roy and Team Shorts | Produced by Shantanu Saharia : New Life Foundation.


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Byomkesh Gowtro

Film by Arindam Sil

Kitni Khoobsurat Hai Ye Zindagi

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