PHASE I – Basic Photography Course

PHASE – I : Basic Photography Course TWO MONTHS INTENSIVE COURSE ON BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. LEARN THE TECHNIQUES AND UNDERSTAND THE LIGHTS AND ACHIEVE BEST THE SHOT. Hands on Digital Photography Course for amateurs and beginners Overview of topics to be covered: Understanding the Camera, it’s Controls and Settings The Camera Sensor – Pixels, ISO, Noise Exposure Controls – The Aperture and Shutter Speed Depth of Field and controlling Motion Blur Focus point and options Choosing Exposure mode Camera’s Metering System Balancing of light and EV with the internal meter Night photography Different aspects of Light – Direction, Depth and Quality Rules of Composition Perspective in Photography Understanding Lenses of various focal lengths Using Macro lenses Ways to Emphasize a Point of Interest in a photograph Studio lighting and creative lighting Studio strobes for Portraits and Table Top photography Basic Photography Editing Converting to Black and White Assignments will be given and Critique sessions will be held. Course duration: 14 classes – indoor and outdoor photography classes Class size: 6 to 10 (Open to all age groups) BATCH 1 : Days: Saturday & Sunday Time: 2pm to 3:30pm Class Starting Date: July 9th 2016 Fee: Rs. 10000/- only

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