Photography Institute

2016 Hindusthan Club 01

Photography- Communication has been a very important skill for all social interactions. And Photography means Writing with the agency of Light (Greek). With more and more of the new generations becoming internet savvy, the photographs are also adding to the color of communication. It is just not for memories any more. It is also a means of communication.

The opportunities- Human Expressions, Products, Outdoor Shoots, events, graffiti are all being posted on the net for personal interactions as well as for commercial reasons. With the speed of the net becoming passé, downloads are easier and hence the commercial side of the same is also becoming an opportunity for e-auctions of photographs for corporates, ad agencies and e-exhibitions. A hobby can be converted into a commercial transaction.

Fotograffitti Institute has been conducting regular Photography courses and workshops for creating a band of professional photographers from schools and colleges since the year 2002. Ms. Anuja Jain has been a leading advertising professional and herself has been a dedicated photographer and trainer. She has conducted sessions for NSHM, iLEAD, Wigan and Leigh, NIFT, Jadavpur University, Calcutta Boys, Agrasain Balika Shiksha Sadan, Camarena Academy, Canon India and has travelled to Pune, Chhatisgarh and Bhuwaneshwar over the years to conduct Photography Courses and Workshops


7 thoughts on “Photography Institute

  1. yaar i donot know anything about photography.n i busy with my business.but m really fond of u conduct weekend classes also.

  2. Such a lovely workshop i have ever seen. Thank u so much mam. Its been so good to learn the techniques of making photo better. Really enjoyed a lot.

  3. Hello Gargi, yes it was good fun with so many together. Thirty people coming together and talking about the subject it was nice. Glad to know that this course was good and helped you understand your camera and click better images. Looking forward to your pictures to be exhibited. All the best.

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